I am Dante Williams.

I am and always will be a work in progress. I am a product of New York City, a child of the '80s. I developed my 1st role of film in 2nd grade and I've taken over a million shots and have shot hundreds of weddings and events since. I've been fortunate to shoot in some amazing places with some amazing people.

I am kick-ass. I don't cry during weddings...I smile, I laugh, and I cheer. If your DJ or band plays something I like, I may have to do a 2-step. I think Photoshop is dangerous in the wrong hands and I think guests should put down their phones and enjoy the moment. My wedding work has appeared in magazines like Brides-New York, Manhattan Brides, The Knot, Essence, and the New York Daily News, but I don't do this for accolades.

I am a chameleon. I adapt well to different situations. I know when to be quiet and let things happen naturally, I know when to be a drill sergeant to get family portraits done. Aside from the photos, you’ll be spending plenty of time with me, so my goal is to make things fun and relaxed. That's my priority...the rest is easy. You’re investing in a total experience, and that’s what I offer. I shoot with amazing 2nd photographers that compliment my style. Clean, simple, modern, and bold images that are premium...that's what I can do for you. Lets make it happen.

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“Please take the time to read this so you recognize the pure, incredible, superb, masterful job done by Dante. He is truly 100% professional and knows his stuff. So pleased with the way our images came out. My wife and I were blown away.”

—Alicia + Jamaal

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