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- 8 hours of coverage on day of event
- Up to 800 original images
- All images available via online download
- Online password-protected photo gallery
- Access to premium online photo lab



- Up to 12 hours of coverage on day of event
- Up to 1200 original images
- 2nd photographer
- 2 hr engagement session
- All images available via online download
- Online password-protected photo gallery
- Access to premium online photo lab


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The Paparazzo Booth™

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An open-air photo booth setup that invites both wackiness and tender moments. Rapid fire, unlimited images.


What style is this that you shoot?

I'm a Wedding Paparazzo [with an artistic flair]. A photojournalist that likes to portray images in a fresh and lively manner. I am not a 'light and airy' photographer, although I am capable of that style. New York is colorful, and seasons change, and my images reflect that. I keep things natural and don't impose my will. I let things happen as they are . And there's always time for some traditional shots as well, and I am more than capable of taking them.

Why are you so expensive?

Actually, I'm not. To put it simply, the amount of time spent on shooting a wedding extends far beyond the actual event. Editing, marketing, and client services all factor into labor costs. You are investing in the quality and creativity, and the labor to produce them. Inquire more...see for yourself.

Why are you so inexpensive?

I never get this question actually. Let it be known that I WANT to shoot your wedding, and it would suck if my fee prevented me from doing so. My prices reflect enough of a markup to sustain myself, cover my overhead, to invest back into studio growth, and allow me to better serve you. It's a win/win situation.

Will you travel?

Sure. I love the chance to get away from NYC. Travel within 2 hours of NYC is on me. There may be additional fees for travel beyond. And my passport is valid and well traveled. I'm willing to get vaccinations if required.

Film? Digital?

I shoot almost exclusively in Hi-Res Digital. I use professional Canon gear and lenses. However, unlike many, I am fully equipped and capable to shoot film as well, 35mm and Medium Format. If interested, please inquire. I also own toy cameras and polaroids, but that may be a bit much.

Color? Black & White? Effects?

You can expect a good mixture of color and B+W shots. Many images are presented in both color and B+W. My photography is organic...I do not add any sci-fi effects.

How long to see pictures?

It will normally take approximately 6-12 weeks (depending on the season) for all images to be prepared for final delivery. A select few images from your event may appear on social media (if you allow) shortly after your event and before delivery.

How many shots can I expect?

This usually depends on several factors, including how large the event is, for how long it takes place, how many guests are in attendance, and the general flow of events. On average, expect 75-100 unique images per hour.

Do you offer prints?

I do. They can be purchased by you or your guests through your password protected online gallery. You may find the prices to be slightly more than your local drugstore photo lab, but the quality of print is far superior, and I will guarantee them.

Backup? Insurance?

If something happens to me or my equipment, I have plenty of fallback options. I've got us both covered. And Dante Williams Photography carries full liability insurance.

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